Division's $600K Training Grant Renewed a 3rd Time!

August 11, 2015

       On July 1, 2004, Dr. Jorge Albina, Director of the Division of Surgical Research in the Department of Surgery was awarded the Trauma and Inflammation Research Training Grant for a 5-year period from the NIH’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences.  The Trauma Training Grant supported two surgical residents and/or PhD postdoctoral fellows in a research laboratory, for two years, with the goal of training the next generation of trauma scientists, with particular emphasis on retaining MDs in academic trauma medicine careers.  
       In 2009, the Division was thrilled to receive an additional 5-years of support, through June 2014.  The first 10 years of the training grant supported a total of 8 surgical residents and 2 PhD fellows resulting in many published articles, abstracts, presentations and one patent.
       A 3rd attempt to renew the training grant in January 2013 was unsuccessful.  The application was allowed one final attempt at resubmission in January 2014 and, for the next 17.5 months, the Division waited anxiously for news of whether or not the Trauma Training Grant would be renewed one more time.  After submitting some additional documents requested by the grant’s Program Official in May, the Division of Surgical Research received an official notice on June 15, 2015, that the Trauma and Inflammation Research Training Grant had been awarded a 3rd consecutive 5-year term from the  National Institute of General Medical Sciences!  The grant renewal is effective July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2020; Total costs for this award period is $600,675.  (T32 GM065085-11A1)
       The Division of Surgical Research in the Department of Surgery at Rhode Island Hospital joins only 17 other institutions nationwide that have Trauma, Burn and Peri-Operative injury Postdoctoral Research Training Programs.   Lifespan issued a press release announcing the Training Grant Renewal, which was picked up and reported on by the Associated Press and other local news venues.