Seminar Series - 2019 Schedule

All lectures are at 3:00 PM in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of the Nursing Arts Building, RI Hospital unless otherwise indicated.

Date Speaker Presentation
Feb 18
Kristina Hinman, BS
MD/PhD Grad. Student, Grad. Pathol. Prog. Brown Univ., Providence, RI
"Translational Applications of Neutrophil Progenitors"
Feb 4 Tania Emi, PhD
Res. Assoc./Dept. Surgery
RI Hospital/Brown University
"Epigenetic Methods of Detection and Modification"
Jan 21

Brandon Armstead, BS, MS

Grad Student, Grad. Pathol. Program, Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University

"Understanding the Role of Checkpoint Protein Expression in Murine Models of Shock and Sepsis"
Dec 17 Meredith Crane, PhD, MS

Investigator, Dept. Mol Micro & Immunol. Brown Univ. Providence, RI

"When to heal: shaping the course of inflammation in surgical wounds"
Dec 2 Ping Wang, MD     CSO Prof.Dept Surgery, Feinstein Inst/Hofstra Sch Med, Manhasset, NY "eCIRP-A Novel Therapeutic Target for Inflammation"
Nov 5 Alger Fredericks, PhD, MS
Postdoc Fellow/Research Associate
RI Hospital/Brown Univ.
"Gene expression, alternative RNA splicing, and alternative transcription start/end in acute respiratory distress snydrome"
Oct 22 Chyna Gray, BA
Grad Student, MCB Grad Prog. Brown University
“VISTA as an Enigma: Deciphering the Context-Specific Role of this Checkpoint Protein in Sepsis”
Sept 10 Brittany Neumann, PhD
BRRTP-T32-NRSA Post-Doc. Fellow RI Hospital/Brown Univ.
“The Role of Regulatory Cytoskeletal Proteins in Neutrophil Stiffening and Transit through Model Pulmonary Capillary Constrictions”
July 23 Jihong Jiang, MD, PhD
Visiting Res. Sci. RI Hospital/Brown Univ.
“Understanding the role of SHP-1/SHP-2 in the induction of AKI and iALI seen after shock/sepsis”
April 17 Brittany Neumann, Ph.D.
Postdoc/Research Associate
RI Hospital/Brown Univ.
“Mechanism of PTEN
binding to model
April 3 Roberto Cortez, M.D.
T32-NRSA Fellow/PGY 2 Surgical Resident
RI Hospital/Brown Univ.
“Understanding the
Role of the Chitosome
in the Inflammatory 
Response, Fibrosis, and
Cancer Metastasis”
March 20 David Gregory, Ph.D.
Instructor, Harvard Medical School
Mass. General Hospital, Boston, MA
“Regulators of autophagy
and inflammation in
macrophage defense
against intracellular
Feb 20 Debra Banerjee, M.D. 
Assistant Prof. of Medicine
RI Hospital/ Brown Univ. 
“The Role of Chi3L1 in
Feb 14 Alfred Ayala, Ph.D.
Professor of Surgery
RI Hospital/ Brown Univ. 
“Novel Roles for the
Inhibitory Co-receptor, Programmed Cell Death
Receptor (PD)-1and its
Ligands in the Response
to Sepsis/Shock”
Feb 6 Daithi Heffernan, M.D. 
Assist. Professor of Surgery,
RI Hospital/ Brown Univ. 
“The role of iNKT-cells
in coordinating the
response to acute
critical illness”
Jan 23 Alexy Fedulov, Ph.D. 
Assist. Professor of Surgery
RI Hospital/ Brown Univ. 
“Epigenetic engineering in surgical research”
Jan 9 Vijay Boominathan, PhD
Research Fellow 
Univ. of MA Dartmouth,
Dartmouth, MA 
“Gene Therapy approach to
identify genetic disorders
at early embryonic cell
differentiation and altered
gene expression.”
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For questions concerning seminars, schedule or location changes, please contact Courtney Coto at  444-5157 or [email protected].