Seminar Series - 2020 Schedule

All lectures are at 3:00 PM in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of the Nursing Arts Building, RI Hospital unless otherwise indicated.

Date Speaker Presentation
June 30 Elizabeth Tindal, MD

T32-NRSA Post-Doc Fellow, RI Hopsital/Brown University

"Patho-Mechanisms of Shock and Sepsis: What is the Respective Contribution of Select Immune/Non-Immune Cells Expressed of PD-1 or PD-L1 to Sepsis Induced Morbidity/Mortality?

Zoom ID - 92637969648

June 16 Michelle Wakeley, MD

T32-NRSA Post-Doc Fellow, RI Hospital/Brown University

"The Role of Checkpoint Regulators in the Neonatal Response to Sepsis"

Zoom ID - 93488138031

June 9 Chelsey Ciambella, MD

T32-NRSA Post-Doc Fellow, RI Hospital/Brown University

"Integrin in VLA3 Mediates Endothelial Barrier Damage by Septic Patient Neutrophils"

Zoom ID - 96612211029

May 26 Joshua Cohen, MD

T32-NRSA Post-Doc. Fellow, RI Hospital/Brown University, Providence, RI

"Modifying Shock-Induced Pre-Disposition to ALI/ARDS: Acute Correction by Transplantation of Genetically Modified Myeloid Progenitor Cells"

Zoom ID - 99787666267

May 12 Michael Danise, MD

Versaci Post-Doc. Fellow, RI Hospital/Brown University, Providence, RI

"Mechanism and Phenotype of Neutrophil Priming in Hemorrhagic Shock"

Zoom ID - 93769379543

April 28 Naohiro Yano, PhD

Res. Assoc./Dept. Surgery, RI Hospital/Brown Univ. Providence, RI

"Epigenetic Modulation of CXCL11 Promoter In Vivo by Recombinant DNA Demethylases Fused with Zinc-Finger Protein Arrays (ZFA): a New Therapeutic Approach for Pulmonary Fibrosis"

Zoom ID - 97275282702

April 14 Hadley Witt, BA, MA

Grad. Student, Grad Pathol.Prog. Brown University, Providence, RI

"Mechanosensing Regulates Effector Functions of Human Neutrophils"

Zoom ID - 947827759

March 31 Cassandra Parker, MD 

Versaci Post-Doc, Fellow RI Hospital/Brown Univ. Providence, RI

"Harnessing the TRAIL Pathway with a Novel Combination Treatment Regimen to Target Gastric Adenocarcinoma"

Zoom ID - 428855804

Feb 18
Kristina Hinman, BS
MD/PhD Grad. Student, Grad. Pathol. Prog. Brown Univ., Providence, RI
"Translational Applications of Neutrophil Progenitors"
Feb 4 Tania Emi, PhD
Res. Assoc./Dept. Surgery
RI Hospital/Brown University
"Epigenetic Methods of Detection and Modification"
Jan 21

Brandon Armstead, BS, MS

Grad Student, Grad. Pathol. Program, Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University

"Understanding the Role of Checkpoint Protein Expression in Murine Models of Shock and Sepsis"
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For questions concerning seminars, schedule or location changes, please contact Courtney Coto at  444-5157 or [email protected].