Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

The Brown Urology Program offers a Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Fellowship.

 Description of Fellowship

This is a specialized clinical and research program dedicated to male reproductive medicine. This is a busy clinical and research program with  Drs. Sigman and Avellino focusing on Male Infertility with an on site Andrology Laboratory and a state-of-the-art sperm bank.


Male sexual health will be focused on with all three-faculty members at the multidisciplinary Men’s Health Clinic (one of the first in the country). Our clinical team includes 2 sub-specialty trained urologists, a family practice internist with special expertise in men’s health/ cardiometabolic evaluation, and a sexual therapist. We collaborate very closely with the REI, adult and pediatric hematology/ oncology team members, pathology and laboratory medicine, medical geneticists, and neurologists. We perform over 200 microsurgical procedures yearly, and over 100 prosthetics yearly as well.

 We have a very active research program focused on clinical and basic-translational science projects on human testis models to understand gonadotoxic injury. 


Number of Positions per Year: 1

Duration and Summary of Fellowship:

1 year fellowship: 80% clinical/20% research
o 2 year fellowship: first year 100% research, 2nd year 80% clinical/ 20% research 

Fellows are exposed to ~ 3 surgical cases/day 2-3 days/week, working with Drs. Sigman, Avellino and Harisaran. The fellows also attend 1-2 clinic days/wk with an average of ~ 30 patients/day.

There are regular academic rounds. There are regular quarterly meetings with the REI groups in Providence as well as time spent in the REI clinics.

These are high volume surgical and clinical practices, with many of the patients having highly complex conditions often being referred for tertiary or quaternary care.

It is expected that the fellows develop expertise in the medical management of men with male infertility, sexual dysfunction, scrotal pain and testosterone deficiency syndromes. Including endocrine, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, complimentary medical therapies uses, indications and expected outcomes.

It is also expected that fellows become experts in genetic testing and counseling, Imaging use and interpretation, sperm testing and interpretation, hormonal evaluation, infection screening, environmental, nutritional, and medical causes of male infertility,

It is also expected that the fellows develop expertise in the surgical treatment of andrological problems (microsurgical reconstruction and correction of reproductive tract alterations, surgical retrieval of sperm, resection of prostatic duct cysts, surgery on the penis for penile prosthesis, deformity, surgery for undescended testis, surgery for scrotal pain syndromes).  




Overview and educational goals:

The fellowship will be comprised of two separate tracks. (1)The first clinical track is a one-year program of training in male reproductive medicine and surgery focusing on male infertility and sexual function. (2) The second track is a research track that is a two-year program training in male reproductive medicine and surgery focusing on basic science and clinical research. We will accept one fellow at a time. The program will incorporate training in the outpatient and inpatient settings involving the Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, and the Providence VA Hospital. The goal of the male reproductive medicine and surgery fellowship is to provide an academic and clinical arena for the fellow to prepare for a career in male reproductive medicine and surgery.

Educational Goals:

To obtain expertise in the comprehensive management of the male infertile patient from both the medical and surgical approach

To obtain expertise in the comprehensive management of male sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease, ejaculatory dysfunction, hypogonadism) from both the medical and surgical approach

  • To exhibit proficiency in performing microsurgical procedures such as vasectomy reversals, varicocele repairs, and microdissection testicular sperm extractions
  • To exhibit proficient in performing prosthetic procedures for management of erectile function such as the placement of inflatable penile prostheses, placement of malleable penile prostheses
  • To understand and develop clinical research protocol with an understanding of the IRB approval process
  • For the research track: to understand and develop grant proposals, study design in the basic science setting, learn basic skills in the laboratory 
  • Institution (s): Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, The Providence VA; Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Andrology, and Blackstone Valley Surgicenter 
  • Fellowship Directors: Gabriella Avellino, MD and Vincent Harisaran, MD
  • Fellowship Faculty: Mark Sigman, MD 
  • Accreditation: Brown University/ Rhode Island Hospital Fellowship Program



Unique qualities:

We have a very busy clinical program focusing on both common and complex forms of male infertility, sexual dysfunction, penile deformities, and hypogonadism. We have an active research program focusing on both clinical and translational science projects the fellows will be exposed to.  


Current Fellow:  2021

Joseph M. Caputo, M.D.  

Medical School:  Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Residency:  NYP- Columbia University Medical Center                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Fellowship Application Requirements

  • Cover Letter
  • Application 
  • CV 
  • Personal Statement
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (LORs), a Chairman's letter is not required
  • USMLE Scores (Step 1 -3)
  • ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)

For applicants interested in our program please contact:

Gabriella Avellino, MD, Fellowship Director                                                                                                         [email protected] 

Vincent Harisaran, MD, Co-Director


Sheryl Dawley, Fellowship Coordinator                                                                                                                                                 

Email: [email protected] 

To Apply :

  • Register for the AUA Fellowship Match on their website. Click here.