Life as a Resident

                                2021-2022 Urology Team2021-2022 Urology Team

Academic Days:

  • 5 Educational days for conferences/year
  • Accepted presentation excluded
  • Conferences
  1. NEAUA: Atlantis, Bahamas and Portland, Maine
  2. AUA:  New Orleans and San Diego
  3. WCE:  Taipei, Taiwan and Cape Town, So. Africa 
  4. SWIU:  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 


Benefits/ Yearly Stipend: $1500 to be used towards books, loupes, conferences

Meal Cards:  Weekly stipend at hospital cafeterias to cover meals while on call

Housing: There are a range of housing options in Providence.  Some residents live in high-rise apartments in the city center.  Others live in apartments or town houses in more residential areas, including College Hill and Oak Hill.  Many residents have bought houses just outside the city in Cranston, North Providence or Pawtucket.

Resident Social Life: The residents try to convene once a month to decompress outside of the hospital.  Recently we have gathered for drinks at a local bar, candlepin bowling, and dinner out during restaurant week.  There is also a much anticipated holiday Yankee Swap every December, hosted by the chief residents.

                                           2020 Lead Apron Day2020 Lead Apron Day