Medical Student Education and Clerkship in Urology

The Brown Urology Program offers a variety of opportunities for US and foreign medical students to rotate on the service

Course Description:

Uro‐4150 Urology 4 weeks

The student(s) will obtain a basic understanding of general urology disease processes. The student should learn to perform a comprehensive urological history and physical examination and obtain knowledge on the various subspecialities within the field of Urology. A copy of the Smith’s General Urology is available for loan to the student during this rotation. At the end of the rotation the student(s) will be expected to give a 25 minute Powerpoint presentation and a 5 minute question and answer to the urology faculty and residents. On the last day of the rotation the student(s) will take a short 30 question quiz based on their rotation.


Uro‐4155 Subinternship in Urology 4 weeks

The sub-internship exposes students to the full scope of Urology, including all its subspecialties: endourology, oncology, female urology, pediatric urology, minimally invasive surgery, genitourinary reconstruction, and infertility/andrology. The students will be expected to actively participate in diagnosis, non-operative management, surgical treatment, and post-operative care of urology patients. Students in this clerkship are an integral part of the service. During this rotation, they will have PGY-1 intern level responsibility. Students will participate in the operating room during endoscopic, laparoscopic/robotic, and open urologic cases. In addition, the students will also work with residents on the wards as they participate in the daily care of the patients on the Urology service. Students are expected to attend weekly patient care conferences, research conferences, Journal Club, and Grand Rounds. In addition, sub-interns are required to give a 30-minute talk on a chosen subject at the urology grand rounds conference.

Estimated distribution of student’s time: 

• 70 % Inpatient/Operative Clinical Care

• 20 % Outpatient Clinical Care

• 10 % Conferences/Lectures/Seminars Clinical sites


Uro‐4530 Pediatric Urology 2/4 weeks

This is a course in pediatric urology covering both the congenital and acquired abnormalities of the genitourinary tract. Focus will be primarily on congenital abnormalities including obstruction, vesicoureteral reflux, duplicated collecting systems, and congenital abnormalities of the genitalia and perineum. The student will be expected to participate in seeing patients in the office: initially seeing them independently and presenting them to the attending or the resident on the pediatric urology service. This will include physical examination. The student will also be expected to participate in operating room activities and assisting in operative cases. As part of the academic mission of this elective, the student will choose/be assigned a topic to research in pediatric urology and deliver a presentation at the of the rotation in an informal rather than Powerpoint format. There is no examination at the end of this course.


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