The Alpert Medical School Integrated Program in Urology is approved for five years of clinical training; one year of general surgery and four years of urology training.

The conference schedule (below) is set by the two chief residents. The list of topics is covered over a two-year rotating period.

Pediatric Urology Conference

Our Pediatric Urology conference is a weekly meeting that covers the full range of important topics in this field. Prepared by the Pediatric Urology resident on service, each conference focuses on a specific topic and consists a series of case presentations featuring a patient's initial presentation, relevant imaging and management. This conference is reliant upon the participation of residents to make assessments, interpret imaging results and delineate treatment options.

Multidisciplinary Urologic Oncology Tumor Board

The MDC Tumor Board consists of specialists in Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiology, Pathology and Urology. It convenes on a biweekly basis to discuss treatment planning for all GU malignancies. In addition to patients seen at the MDC, residents are encouraged to submit challenging cases encountered at outside sites (i.e. the VA Hospital and the Resident Clinic) for further guidance in the management of complex cases. Residents are oftentimes called upon to provide the fundamental points of knowledge for each disease and are encouraged to contribute their thoughts on patient management.

Urologic Radiology Conference

The Urologic Radiology conference is presented by the Chief Residents and features cases with both distinctive and routine imaging findings. It primarily is driven by the participation of the residents with auxiliary contributions from Urology and Radiology faculty. Common topics include management of renal trauma, complex stone disease, and malignancy. It is an excellent opportunity for residents to heighten their skills both in interpretation of radiographic findings as well as hone their clinical acumen in the management of these findings.

Pathology conference

Pathology conference is a monthly joint educational conference between the department of pathology and the department of urology. Case-based teaching is performed with pathologic slides reviewed from actual patients. Teaching by urologic oncologist and fellowship trained genitourinary pathologist centers on both pathologic features of various urologic conditions but also the presentation and treatment of said conditions. Quarterly quizzes test and reinforce learning.

Journal Club

Journal club is a once monthly resident conference that is run by a different faculty member each month. A number of articles from the latest edition of the Journal of Urology are critically reviewed by the residents along with two sentinel articles chosen by the moderating faculty member from their field of interest. Teaching is centered on both the content of each article but also on how to critically evaluate medical literature.