Salary and Benefits

For information about salary and benefits, please visit the Lifespan Graduate Medical Education page.

Briefly, here is a listing of the salaries  in 2021. These typically increase by a small percent annually.
PGY1 - $63,016.20
PGY2 - $65,008.26
PGY3 - $68,079.83
PGY4 - $71,110.55
PGY5 - $73,868.40

PGY6- Fellow:  $77,478.18


Additional Benefits


  • Meals on Call: Residents are provided a monthly stipend for food at the hospital with extra stipend provided for every 24 hour call
  • Brown Facilities: Physicians training in Brown affiliated residency and fellowship programs are issued a Brown University Identification faculty/staff card and have access to all of the facilities at Brown University and the Warren Alpert School of Medicine.
  • Yearly Stipend:  Each PG Year is given $1,500.00 to use for surgical loupes, books, attendance at national/regional/international meetings.