Other Routes of Admission

In addition to the AMCAS route, Alpert Medical School offers three other admission routes for qualified applicants, which results in a remarkably talented and diverse medical student body. Each route of admission has special characteristics, application requirements, and deadlines that are program specific.

Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME)

This is a combined eight-year baccalaureate/MD program.  PLME students are able to obtain a liberal arts education while completing their premedical course requirements . The Undergraduate Admissions Office handles the application process for this program.

Postbaccalaureate Linkage

Alpert Medical School maintains consortial agreements with the premedical postbaccalaureate programs at four institutions: Bryn Mawr College, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and Goucher College. The premedical advisors at these linkage schools nominate students from within their program to apply to Alpert Medical School.

For further information on the postbaccalaureate premedical program at each linkage institution, refer to their websites listed below.

Bryn Mawr College
Division of General Studies
Columbia University
School of General Studies
Goucher College http://www.goucher.edu/x15377.xml
Johns Hopkins University http://web.jhu.edu/post_bac/

Early Identification Program (EIP)

The EIP program was established to increase the medical career opportunities for individuals from medically underserved communities and from groups that are underrepresented in the medical profession. Program eligibility is based on several factors, including enrollment at one of three Rhode Island schools (Rhode Island College, Providence College, University of Rhode Island) or at Tougaloo College in Mississippi.


Students who have withdrawn from the medical school or have been dismissed for any reason may not apply for readmission under any circumstances.

Advanced Standing Program

Alpert Medical School no longer has an Advanced Standing route of admission. We have discontinued this program due to the increasing class size and the unavailability of openings.