Applicants should attain competence in the sciences basic to medicine and sufficient to provide adequate preparation for medical school. The following courses are required or strongly recommended:

Course Required Recommended
Biology 2 courses in biology (lab experience recommended) 1 course in genetics
Chemistry 2 courses inorganic chemistry

1 course organic chemistry

1 course in biochemistry
Physical Sciences 2 course sequence of topics in mechanics,
heat, electricity, optics and radiation physics
Quantitative Reasoning 1 course in calculus (or comparable course n/a
Social and Behavioral Sciences 2 courses in the study of human behavior,
preferably in anthropology, sociology, psychology,
economics, or political science
1 humanities course
English n/a 1 course in college English

All premedical coursework must be completed in an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States or Canada in order to be eligible to apply to Alpert Medical School. Generally, all premedical coursework should be completed within ten years prior to your anticipated enrollment at Brown. Applicants need not have completed all premedical courses at the time of application, but required courses must be completed and documented prior to matriculation at Alpert Medical School.   Email ( us with questions relating to your preparedness for medical school.

Advanced Placement Credit

All AP (or IB) courses that were accepted for course credit at your degree-granting institution will be accepted as fulfilling the requirements listed above if properly noted on the AMCAS application and listed on the AMS secondary application.