The mission of the Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology is to care for children with illness and guide families through times of healing. We consist of subspecialized physicians who have fellowship training from the top institutions in the country. Our Anesthesiologists take care of the varying surgical specialties including complex scoliosis corrective surgery, robotic urologic procedures, reconstructive neurosurgical procedures, and complex general surgical cases. We specialize in caring for newborns, infants, toddlers through teenagers. The entire perioperative period is supported by child life specialists who aid in comfort and help alleviate anxieties of the day.

The Brown Anesthesiology Pediatric Division provides current standards in clinical practice and educational programs. In addition to General anesthesia we provide and teach spinal anesthesia, epidural techniques and perform the latest ultrasound guided peripheral nerve block procedures. An additional sub group of our physicians take care of infants and children who have congenital heart disease who are undergoing non cardiac procedures. Our educational programs include teaching pediatric anesthesia to anesthesiology residents, certified nurse anesthetists and student nurse anesthetists. Our department is active the ASA and SPA(society of pediatric anesthesia) as well as pursuits in clinical research.

  • Jonathan Argo
    Jonathan Argo, MD
  • Scott Benzuly
    Scott Benzuly, MD
  • Christopher Malgieri, MD
    Christopher Malgieri, MD
  • Zachary Robbins, MD
  • Brenda J. Satterthwaite, MD
  • Edward Suh, MD
    Edward Suh, MD
  • Andrew Triebwasser
    Andrew Triebwasser, MD
  • Ran Zhang
    Ran Zhang, MD, PhD