Student Profiles


Olajumoke (Jummy) Akinsulire, SNMA President, MD'20

 Jummy majored in Biology at Brown University. She is a strong bridge builder and liaison having helped forge partnerships between students, faculty and senior administrators to advance various initiatives at Brown, including the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. She has done both clinical and bench research and has found that she loves clinical research work and intends to continue in medical school. Growing up in New York, NY she loves to workout, sing, play the clarinet, and listen to music to pass time.


Jack Arsenault, Specturm Co-Director, MD'20

Jack grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine and studied Biology/Pre-Health and Film at Sarah Lawrence College. He then moved to Los Angeles and worked in the entertainment industry for four years, working as a production assistant, wardrobe assistant, community service coordinator for film studios, and as a casting associate for films and TV. Through all this, it became clear that medicine is the best path for him, so he enrolled in post-bac classes at UCLA and began working as a scribe and research coordinator in an otology clinic. At Brown, he teaches in the Sex Ed by Brown Med program, tutors at Youth Pride Inc., and leads Teddy Bear Clinic. He loves to cook (much more than bake), watch RuPaul's Drag Race (the only competitive sport he's ever really understood), work as a camp counselor (over-enthusiastically leading camp songs), and hoard airline miles to travel as much as possible.


Jonathan "Erick" Guzman, LMSA President, MD'20

Erick went to school at Brown University where he completed a double concentration in Visual Art and Health & Human Biology. He was heavily involved in the art community while at Brown and participated in many events and clubs at both Brown and RISD. While in school he worked with faculty in the TAPS department and created a course called Artists and Scientists as Partners where they looked at the intersections of dance and art with people who had neurological disorders like Autism and Parkinson's disease. He also played rugby for Brown's Men’s Rugby team while he was in school. He really loves good TV, hiking, and art of all kinds.