Women in Medicine and Science

The Office of Women in Medicine and Science

The mission of the Office of Women in Medicine and Science is to advance the academic progress and professional development of its women faculty, house officers, students and trainees through education, advocacy, mentoring and networking. Our goals to fulfill this mission are:

  • To provide opportunities for women to acquire the skills and strategies necessary for their professional advancement;
  • To assure that women attain senior faculty ranks and leadership positions;
  • To monitor the status of women in medicine and science at Brown in order to ensure equality of participation, professional advancement, and compensation;
  • To identify and address barriers to professional advancement;
  • To communicate widely the successes of women in medicine and science;
  • To stimulate collaboration with external partners;
  • To promote excellence in clinical care, education and research in women's health;
  • To acknowledge and promote the importance of diversity, humanism, varied career paths, personal wellness and a healthy, balanced life for all faculty.