External Medical Education Conferences and Workshops

The following is a partial list of external (non-AMS) medical education conferences and workshops. Please use the links provided to find more information.

Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions – ACEhp 

The Alliance offers a variety of face-to-face events to provide members and other in the CEhp community with forums for learning, sharing and networking.

Association of American Medical Colleges – AAMC 

A list of sponsored conferences is available.

Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry – ADMSEP 

A list of upcoming and future meetings is found here.

Association for Medical Education in Europe – AMEE 

The AMEE conferences provide an opportunity to take part in workshops and courses and to present your own work through a short communication or poster.

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics – APGO 

APGO holds two major educational seminars each year.

Association of Standardized Patient Educators – ASPE 

The ASPE Conferences consist of technique demonstrations, research/project posters, workshops, technology sessions, and panel discussions on a wide variety of SP and simulation topics. 

Association for the Study of Medical Education – ASME 

Conferences, workshops, and courses aimed at teachers, trainers, and learners in medical education.

Association for Surgical Education – ASE 

Annual meeting information and call for abstracts. 

Canadian Conference on Medical Education – CCME

The CCME welcomes its international colleagues and other partners to its annual meeting.

Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine – CDIM

CDIM is the organization of individuals responsible for teaching internal medicine to medical students.

Consortium of Neurology Clerkship Directors – CNCD

The annual meeting provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss important issues using the Consortium of Neurology Program Directors (CNPD) resources.

Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics – COMSEP

The COMSEP annual meeting includes workshops, mentoring sessions, research presentations, and task force meetings.

MGH Institute of Health Professions

A graduate school founded by Massachusetts General Hospital, the GH Institute of Health Professions offers a variety of master's programs designed for credentialed health professions and others involved in health professionals education. Of interest to those involved in health professions education are the Masters of Science in Health Professions Education program, and the Health Professions Education Certification program.

Harvard Macy Institute Programs

The Harvard Macy Institute Programs offer sessions on assessment, innovation, technology and professional development.

International Association of Medical Science Educators – IAMSE

At the annual meeting, common session topics offered include curriculum development, assessment and simulation.

Learning Communities Institute – LCI

These gatherings bring together students and faculty interested in activities of professional development.


The MedBiquitous Annual Conference provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and to learn from international leaders. It focuses on learning technologies and technology standards to promote better outcomes across the continuum of health professions education.

Ottawa Conference in Medical Education

The Ottawa Conferences provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on all aspects of the assessment of competence in both clinical and non-clinical domains.

Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education – SACME

The SACME hosts two meetings per year, in the spring and the fall, to advance the CME field.

Society for General Internal Medicine – SGIM

The SGIM hosts meetings, regional meetings, and other CME opportunities. Continuing Medical Education credit (CME) is usually available for most sessions.

Society for Simulation in Health Care – SSH

SSH meetings provide the most advanced simulation education available to healthcare professionals. Events provide hands-on learning in leading-edge simulation trends and technology, networking and collaboration.

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine – STFM

Conference events include educational and interactive seminars, lecture-discussions, papers, and poster presentations. 

Southern Group on Educational Affairs – SGEA

Central Group on Educational Affairs – CGEA 

Northeastern Group on Educational Affairs – NEGEA

Western Group on Educational Affairs – WGEA

Each regional group of the GEA holds an annual spring meeting for faculty, educators, and administrators from the member institutions within their respective regions.

Team-Based Learning Collaborative – TBLC

An annual conference and regional workshops during which the structure, process and essential characteristics of an effective TBL module are emphasized.  Conference & Regional workshops:

UMass Medical School's Teaching of Tomorrow

Workshop designed to improve the teaching skills of clinical practitioners.

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medical Education

The department is recognized internationally for  offering the continuum of graduate preparation for  Health Professions Education (HPE) leadership and scholarship. Of interest to those involved in health professions education are the Educational Leadership Program for Health Professionals, the Certificate Program in Standardized-Patient-Based Education, and the Doctoral (PhD) Program in Education - Curriculum Studies Focus in Health Professions Education