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Teaching Opportunity in Doctoring Course

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Doctoring is a 4-semester course during the first two years of medical school.  The course is an unprecedented opportunity for community physicians in virtually all disciplines to have a prominent role in the longitudinal development of our students.  Students spend a half-day per week in the classroom setting learning the core skills of medical interviewing, physical diagnosis, oral presentations, written documentation, and professionalism.  During Year 1, the classroom sessions are on Tuesday afternoons and in Year 2, the classroom sessions are on Thursday afternoons. Classroom sessions are co-taught by a community physician and a social and behavioral science faculty member to students in groups of eight.

As another major part of the course, students work longitudinally during the year with a community physician-mentor in a variety of clinical settings.= Physicians in all specialties, both in community-based practices and hospital settings, provide students with the opportunity to practice their classroom skills with real patients. Mentor sessions occur approximately eight one half-day sessions per semester during the academic year.