MD/MPA Program Admissions

MD/MPA Admissions

Prospective students not currently enrolled in the Program for Liberal Medical Education (PLME) or the Early Identification Program (EIP) apply first to Alpert Medical School through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). After completing the AMCAS application, students will receive a secondary application from the Medical School.

Prospective students interested in the MD/MPA program can indicate so on the secondary application and complete two additional essays for the program. These applications are then screened and applicants are interviewed through the usual Alpert Medical School admissions process.

Once admitted, students indicating interest in the MD/MPA program will be jointly vetted by program faculty and staff at the Medical School and MPA program. This screening may include an additional interview with MPA faculty. The decisions for the MD program and the MD/MPA are independent. MD decisions are announced on a rolling basis. Admission to the MD/MPA will be announced in March.

PLME and EIP students may apply to the MD/MPA program through the submission of the following material to Medical School and MPA faculty/staff:

  • Two essays focused on medicine and health policy

  • Composite recommendation letter from the PLME (or appropriate EIP) deans

  • Official transcript

  • Interview with AMS/MPA faculty staff

Students from all routes of entry will be notified of admittance by March 30 of their matriculation year.