Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the MPA component of the MD/MPA program will be set by Brown University. This tuition is in addition to the tuition for the four-year MD curriculum.  

MPA (6 credits)

AMS (4 credits)

Introduction to Public Policy (½ credit)

Policy in Action Consultancy (1 credit)

Strategic Communications  (½ credit)

Health Systems Science I Elective (1 credit)*

Economics of Public Policy (½ credit)

Health Systems Science II Elective (1 credit)*

Quantitative Analysis (½ credit)

Leadership elective (1 credit)*

Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis (1 credit)

Management & Implementation in Public Organizations (1 credit)

Financial Management & Budgeting (1 credit)

Systems Dynamics (½ credit)

Social Change and Advocacy  (½ credit)

* Note that 3 electives are offered as part of MD curriculum and will not be added to the MPA tuition. The curriculum offers a three-course savings over pursuing a stand-alone MPA degree.

MPA Tuition

Course tuition (6 credits @ $6,278/course) = $37,668
Program fees = $13,764 

Alpert Medical School Portion

Course tuition (1 credit @ $6,278/course) = $6,278 

There is no anticipated scholarship support for the MPA portion the MD/MPA program. However, students are eligible for both federal and non-federal loans for the MPA degree.