International Exchange in Japan

Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan 

Brown  Faculty LiaisonDr. Taro Minami
 Kyoto Faculty Liaison: Dr. Yauhiko Konishi
 Two medical students for one month each per year to attend Kyoto.
Tuition is waived and off-campus housing provided by Kyoto along with an $800 travel allowance.

To express interest, please contact Dr. Taro Minami prior to applying. 

MD Student Application Materials:

Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo, Japan

Brown Faculty LiaisonDr. Taro Minami

 TWMU Faculty LiaisonDr. Yoshio Uetsuka

One medical student for one month per year to attend TWMU. Tuition is waived and room provided by TWMU along with an $1000 travel allowance. 

To express interest, please contact Dr. Taro Minami prior to applying.

 MD Student Application Materials: