National Cheng Kung University School of Medicine (NCKU)

Brown Faculty LiaisonDr. James Sung
NCKU Faculty LiaisonDr. Oscan Perng

Brown medical students may go to NCKU for 1 or 2 months on a clinical elective.  PLME undergraduates who are interested in Community Health might find a research project through the NCKU Family Medicine/Rural Medicine department. Fluency in Chinese is much preferred but most patients speak the local Taiwanese dialect. NCKU waives tuition and assists with provision of room and board though there may be a small fee. The Luke Charitable Trust fund may provide a travel reimbursement of $1000/month to a maximum of $1500.  

More information about Medical Chinese Opportunities at  Brown University click here.

A two-week summer course (offered in English) in “Introduction to Chinese Medicine & Cross-Culture Biomedical ethics” at the National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine (Tainan, Taiwan) is offered for Brown PLME students and medical students. In 2016, dates are tentatively July 18-29, 2016. Tuition is covered by NCKU. Housing will be arranged by NCKU at a nominal cost. Total expenses include the plane ticket, food, and out of pocket expenses. Partial funding is available to support the travel to NCKU for the two-week course.

Download: Info Sheet.

To express interest, please contact Dr. James Sung prior to applying.

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