Special Features

Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship

In the third year, students participate in the longitudinal integrated clerkship (LIC). Students will spend one-half day per week with a mentor in family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, and surgery over the course of one year. In addition, students will be assigned their own patient panel of approximately 30 patients. Students will follow these patients to health care settings such as the operating room, labor and delivery floor, and primary care and specialty office visits. Students will also participate in weekly didactic and small group sessions covering core topics in medicine and in population medicine.

Global Policy Immersion

In the third year, students have four weeks of elective time during which they immersion program in Indiaimmersion program in Indiawill participate in a Global Policy Experience. Unique to the Watson Institute MPA is an emphasis on global policy -- a 10-day  trip to an international site is a required component of the program. Ours is the only program in the country to integrate an international policy experience into the core curriculum. Students meet with elected officials, entrepreneurs, and lawmakers to examine how policy is constructed from the street level.

Policy in Action Consultancy

Across the four years, students will participate longitudinally in a Policy in Action Consultancy. Students will spend approximately one half day per week across four years in a leading health care system, foundation, or NGO. Similar to an internship, the consultancy, coupled with elective coursework in a policy specialization, provides students with the opportunity to develop first hand the ideas, knowledge, and skills needed to make a difference.