Luba Dumenco, MD, FACP
Assistant Dean of Medical Education
Directs the integration of Years I & II curriculum--with specific focus on Year I.     401-863-3992

Paul George, MD, MHPE
Assistant Dean of Medical Education
Directs the Clinical Curriculum and the Primary Care - Population Medicine Program.     401-863-9609

Sarita Warrier, MD, FACP
Assistant Dean for Medical Education
Directs the Year II curriculum and Medical Education Scholarly Concentration Program.    401-863-3198

Thais Mather, PhD
Associate Director, Years I & II Curriculum
Directs the integration of preclinical basic science curriculum--with specific focus on Year I and directs the Scholarly Concentration Program.  401-863-1751

Kristina Monteiro, PhD
Director, Assessment and Evaluation 
Oversees the assessment and evaluation of all medical education curriculum and research initiatives.     401-863-1751

Heather McGee, PhD
Evaluation Specialist
Coordinates assessment and evaluation curriculum and research initiatives.    401-863-1000

Maria Rose
Instructional Technologist
Implements and manages instructional technology systems for the Years I & II basic science curriculum.   401-863-2006

Lisa Blangeard
Administrative Coordinator
Provides administrative support to the Director and other members of the Office of Medical Education.    401-863-6234

Angela Morris
Curriculum Specialist
Provides administrative support to the Preclinical Director and other members of the Office of Medical Education.    401-863-5164

Elizabeth Smith, MBA
Assistant Director, Primary Care-Population Medicine
Lead administrator of the Primary Care-Population Medicine Program and oversees the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship.    401-863-5071

Jennifer Brear
Administrative Assistant
Provides administrative support for the Scholarly Concentration and Primary Care-Population Medicine Program.     401-863-5859 

Jeffrey Kulie
Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Coordinator
Coordinates the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship with responsibility for managing the administrative aspects of the clerkship.    401-863-5071 

Steven Rougas, MD, MS
Director, Doctoring Program 
Administers and coordinates the Doctoring Program.  401-863-2357

K. Scarlett Handley, RN Director, Clinical Suites
Administers and manages the Standardized Patient Program and the Clinical Skills Suites.   401-863-5091 

Julia Noguchi, MA, MPH
Assistant Director, Doctoring Program
Administers and manages the community-based clinical mentoring program and oversees recruitment of Doctoring small group leaders.   401-863-9717 

Jennifer DiTusa
Clinical Curriculum Coordinator
Coordinates all classroom-based aspects of the Doctoring program.    401-863-2881 

Jared A. Dichiara
Clinical Skills AV/IT Administrator
Provides technical support in administering the clinical skills training and examination process in the Clinical Skills Suites.     401-863-5092

Telma Woodson
Administrative Assistant, Doctoring Program
Provides administrative support to the Doctoring team.     401-863-5857