BIOL 6518: Design and Health

Student Leaders: 
Derrick Cheng, MD20; Surya Manickam, MD20; Pete Mattson, MD20; Aaron Heskes, MD20
Faculty Adviser: 
Ravi D'Cruz (RIH), Jay Baruch (RIH), Ian Gonsher (Brown University), Claudia Rebola (RISD)

Design+Health is an interdisciplinary course bringing together AMS, RISD, and Brown undergraduate students to tackle health care challenges through design. Students will work in teams of 3-4 on projects in one of four potential tracks - Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Primary Care/Health Care Delivery - or have the option to design their own track. With guidance from clinical and design mentors, students will shadow in health care settings, identify a health care problem, design a solution, and pitch a final prototype or model to a panel of design experts. The pitch will be attended by Social Enterprise Greenhouse, a RI-based startup incubator, and give students the opportunity to win mentorship and future partnerships to continue their project after the course has completed. For more information, visit <>.