BIOL 6521: Medical Spanish - Advanced

Student Leaders: 
Jeremiah Lowe, MD21; Julian Medina, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Nidia Schuhmacher

The goal of the course is to explore Spanish as it is used in different medical settings, to explore and engage with cultures that speak Spanish, and to refine Spanish speaking skills commonly used in medical interactions. The Advanced Medical Spanish pre-clinical elective consists of 8-10 required classes. Class meetings will consist of interactive activities and discussions on various topics of medicine. The Community Engagement component of the class is designed to encourage students to speak Spanish in a professional setting and to observe Spanish-speaking patients and physicians. We require that each student do six hours of Community Engagement. There are also two OSCEs. The purpose of the OSCE is to ensure that students can use Spanish in a clinical setting and to help students incorporate what they have learned in doctoring to their Spanish skill set. Assigned grades are pass/fail. The course runs from mid Sept. to late Jan.