BIOL 6522: The Healer's Art: Awakening the Heart of Medicine

Student Leaders: 
Katie Hsia, MD21; Olabade Omole, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Rachel Fowler; Dr. Michael Goldstein

The Healer's Art applies values from contemplative studies, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, cognitive psychology, creative arts and storytelling to explore a more personal connection to the field of medicine. The preclinical elective will engage students and faculty in large group discussions of deep listening, acceptance, loss, grief, healing, awe and mystery, and self-care practices, as well as offer students a more intimate experience with a small, consistent cohort of their peers to reflect upon individual experiences related to each nights topic. The elective allows participants to reveal and reinforce the altruistic values, sense of calling, and intention to serve that led them to the field of medicine.