BIOL 6525: Sex Ed by Brown Med

Student Leaders: 
Sarah Bourne, MD20; Caroline Burke, MD20; Victoria Goldman, MD20; Noah Lupica, MD20; Elizabeth Taliaferro, MD20
Faculty Adviser: 
Susanna Magee, MD, MPH

Sex Ed by Brown Med is a unique preclinical elective through which AMS students teach sexual health education to 7th graders at Calcutt Middle School in Central Falls. Central Falls is the lowest income city in RI with a teen pregnancy rate ~4x the state average. Sex Ed by Brown Med is an integral part of the city’s strategy for addressing teen pregnancy, with AMS students providing the only sexual health education available to Central Falls middle schoolers. This preclinical elective is an incredible opportunity to serve the surrounding community, work with adolescents, and address a significant public health need. Moreover, AMS students gain experience with clinical and communication skills – health coaching, motivational interviewing, discussing sexual health topics – that will be critical in future practice. This is a FUN, engaging, hands-on opportunity open to anyone enthusiastic about working with kids and serving a critical public health need. Teaching experience not required!