BIOL 6525: Sex Ed by Brown Med

Student Leaders: 
Natasha Dalomba-Furtado, MD21; Charlotte Lee, MD21; Toby Nicholson, MD21; Connie Panton, MD21; Carin Papindorp, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Susanna Magee, MD, MPH

Despite having the 7th highest teen pregnancy rate in the United States, Rhode Island has no formalized sexual education course for its middle school or high school students. Sex Ed by Brown Med students provide interactive and engaging lessons on sexual health topics at Calcutt Middle School in Central Falls, an area that has been flagged by the CDC as an area needing school-based HIV/STD Prevention and School Based Surveillance. Calcutt Middle School is the only public middle school in Central Falls, and so the majority of teenagers in the area will matriculate through our program.

Our curriculum will provide the lessons, training sessions, materials, and framework upon which students will not only become better educators, but also become central stakeholders in the sexual health of our surrounding community.

Aside from attendance, students will be required to complete pre and post evaluations, as well as reflections on each lesson.