BIOL 6533: Sex- and Gender-based Medicine: An Overview

Faculty Adviser: 
Angela Jarman, MD; Alyson McGregor, MD, MA; Rebecca Barron, MD, MPH

This course will provide an overview of Sex and Gender Based Medicine (SGBM) and highlight its contributions in disease prevention, presentation, diagnosis, and treatment. The field of SGBM focuses on how all sexes and genders affect the health of patients through biological and social mechanisms. For example:
• Women with acute coronary syndrome are more likely than men to present with shortness of breath and fatigue
• Smoking cannabis is more likely to trigger psychosis in men
• Women have more difficulty recovering from sports-related concussion

The course will explore a range of existing sex and gender differences in medicine as well as the reasons behind them. Students will be challenged to think about the ways in which sex and gender will affect their future patients’ health and begin to gain the skills necessary to provide sex and gender specific care as clinicians.
Course Objectives
1. Gain an awareness of the significance and scope of SGBM.
2. Develop the tools to view all patients through a sex and gender lens.