BIOL 6537: Practical Skills in EMS and Disaster Response

Student Leaders: 
Maia Dinsmore, MD21; Christiana Prucnal, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Ken Williams

This elective helps students develop skills to better respond to an emergency/disaster situation and provides them with insight into prehospital care. Skills covered include limb immobilization, airway management, mass casualty management, disaster situation communication skills, how to construct a   go bag,  and more. Course materials include information on the policy and procedures of EMS companies in and around RI, FEMA and Incident Command System for large scale disaster response, and information for both professional and personal disaster preparedness. During the course, students will complete a ride-along with LifePACT (critical care transport ambulance), and the course will culminate in a simulated emergency experience where students will use the skills gained throughout the course.