BIOL 6539: Exploring the World of Medical Journalism

Student Leaders: 
Anna Delamerced, MD20
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Teresa Schraeder

From The New York Times and Huffington Post to health podcasts, NOVA and NPR, and books such as Mukherjee’s The Gene or Gawande’s Being Mortal, medical journalism permeates our world. Journalists are continually translating, illustrating and exposing the complexity, mystery and insularity of medicine for the public. Discussions will include analysis of the intersection of medicine and journalism and the impact of medical news on patients, physicians, research and the public. This elective is for students who are interested in medical writing during their careers as physicians and learning more about the profession of medical journalism and its impact on our society.  Any medical student with an interest in medical writing, journalism, media, communicating with patients/each other/the public, and advocacy would benefit from this course. Students will be able to develop and practice critical thinking and communication skills (both verbal and written expression).