BIOL 6541: Difficult Conversations: Practical Skills for Interpersonal Mindfulness in Medicine

Student Leaders: 
Victoria Brown, MD20; Chloe Zimmerman, MD20
Faculty Adviser: 
Ellen Flynn

This course will build off the second year Doctoring curriculum to help students explore in a different way how they can prepare for the types and varieties of difficult conversations that being a doctor necessitates.  Practical mindfulness skills will be taught for maneuvering such difficult conversations. Students will explore how direct application of mindfulness practices can enhance their ability to care for themselves and their patients. Each class will involve a mindful practice component, as well as a large and small group discussion. Some classes will include lectures and presentation of relevant research on the role of mindfulness in clinical care and how it has been efficacious in addressing health related outcomes of both doctors and patients.  Opportunities for practicing mindfulness in deeper ways will arise in class sessions, as well as at a 4-hour Saturday retreat and through optional weekly guided meditations at the medical school.