BIOL 6657: Sexual Health

Student Leaders: 
Jack Arsenault, MD20; Liz Taliaferro, MD20; Noah V. Lupica, MD20
Faculty Adviser: 
Megan Andelloux

Sexual Health is a preclinical elective designed to increase early exposure to inclusive and comprehensive sex education aimed at preparing medical students (and PLMEs!) to better offer resources and information to their future patients. By partnering with AMS and community leaders on topics of inclusive sexual health practices and protections, the elective provides opportunities for students to supplement the standard curriculum and training around topics of patient sexual health traditionally offered by the medical school. We can’t have these discussions with patients unless we first have them amongst ourselves!  Onward! Students will meet different community leaders in the fields of sexual health, participate in didactics and workshops, and develop a network of similarly interested students and faculty.   The elective will be satisfactory/no credit (S/NC) based on meeting minimum course requirements. Additional feedback will be provided by course leaders. Enrollment will be open to all interested students. Students may repeat the elective if the course is not fully enrolled with new students.