BIOL 6660: Advanced Ophthalmology Surgery Elective

Student Leaders: 
Annie Wu, MD17
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Paul B Greenberg, MD

The 'Advanced Ophthalmology Surgery Elective' is designed as an adjunct course to the 'Adventures in Ophthalmology Surgery' course. The main goals of this elective are to give an in-depth, practical approach to the field of Ophthalmology by providing medical students with shadowing opportunities in eye surgeries, as well as clinical exposure by shadowing in eye clinics. The 'Advanced Ophthalmology Surgery Elective' is for students who want to find out more about the career of ophthalmology, gauge their interests by experiencing day-to-day operations, meet mentors who can help students in their path to a career in ophthalmology, and hopefully increase appreciation of the subspecialty to train well-rounded physicians. Course components include online modules, virtual surgery simulation, and shadowing experiences in the OR and clinic.