BIOL 6665: Classroom Connection

Student Leaders: 
Emily Davis, MD17
Faculty Adviser: 
Susan Rudders

As physicians, one of our greatest roles will be that of an educator. This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to fuse both clinical knowledge and teaching, specifically focusing on children with food allergies. With the goal of developing an interactive lesson about food allergies for elementary school age children, students will be introduced to a variety of practitioners involved in the care of children with food allergies, including a pediatric allergist, emergency medicine physician, child psychologist and school nurse. Students will also be exposed to an existing health education program in the community, as well as gain greater insight into teaching through workshops with faculty from Brown’s Education Department. Ultimately, this course strives to use teaching as a means of empowering children living with food allergies, providing them with skills to better manage their condition and helping them to recognize that they are not alone in their condition, along with educating those without food allergies about the proactive role they can take in supporting their peers with a chronic illness. Hopefully students who enroll in this course can take what they learn throughout the semester and apply it to other future health education interventions too