BIOL 6666: Food & Health

Student Leaders: 
Andrew Del Re, MD21; Catherine Gannage, MD21; Katie Hsia, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Paul George, MD, MHPE; Mike Makuch

Food + Health is a collaboration between Johnson & Wales University and theWarren Alpert Medical School of Brown University to develop a broad area of inquiry at the intersection of food, nutrition,medicine, and public health. As part of its many activities, Food + Health presents a preclinical elective for students of AMSand JWU that offers a curriculum incorporating nutrition science, cooking and clinical skills. The curriculum will be splitbetween time in the AMS classrooms and the JWU laboratory classrooms (kitchens). The aim of the course to teach medical student about nutrition and provide a hand-on opportunity to apply that knowledge in order to better advise our future patients.