BIOL 6668: Intro to Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Student Leaders: 
Seungjun Kim, MD17; Vinay Rao, MD17
Faculty Adviser: 
Paul George, MD, MPHE

'First, do no harm.' Although physicians have been practicing medicine under this principle since the Hippocratic era, the 1999 IOM report To Err Is Human showed that many patients were being hurt, not healed by the U.S. healthcare system. This course aims to introduce students to patient safety and quality improvement so that they can help make the healthcare system safer. This course will first address how human and systems factors and communication issues in teamwork contribute to errors. Next, we will cover learning from and disclosing errors, and teach students basic quality improvement methods. Finally, we will study application to cases on healthcare-associated infections, surgical safety, and medication safety. This interactive course will include case-based discussions and team-learning simulations with content from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School catalog of online courses and case studies on patient safety and quality improvement. Through this course, we hope to inspire students to join the patient safety movement, empower them to speak up about safety, and prepare them to participate in quality improvement projects.