BIOL 6678: Incarceration and Health

Student Leaders: 
Liz Perry, MD19; Matt Perry, MD19
Faculty Adviser: 
Brad Brockmann

Prisons are the largest providers of mental health care in the US. Infectious diseases are more prevalent in prisons than in the general US population, including hepatitis C, which is 9-10 times more prevalent among inmates, and HIV, which is 4-5 times more prevalent. These are just a few examples of how incarceration and health intersect. In partnership with the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights, this course aims to provide context for these staggering statistics, to elucidate how incarceration disproportionately affects communities of color and other marginalized communities who are also medically underserved, and to teach student doctors how to provide culturally competent care to formerly incarcerated individuals. Guest lecturers include physicians who work in prisons, activists fighting for prison reform, and individuals who have experienced incarceration.