BIOL 6679: The San Miguel Project

Student Leaders: 
Stevens Kelly, MD21; Stephen DiMaria, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Diane Green

The San Miguel Pre-clerkship Elective is a service-centered elective, designed to engage medical students with the young men (5th - 8th grade) of the San Miguel School in Providence. San Miguel is a private, independent Lasallian middle school that selectively chooses at risk urban boys, and immerses them in a culture emphasizing citizenship, service, and personal responsibility. As part of this elective, medical students will gain teaching experience, collectively work to facilitate weekly tutoring sessions and collaborate with the students on a final group project. The San Miguel Project aims to bridge our two worlds, providing San Miguel students with educational and mentorship resources, as well as give committed medical students invaluable insight into the realities of our local patient population.