BIOL 6686: BE REAL About Health: Brown Enriching RITS Residents' Experiences in Adolescent Life

Student Leaders: 
Georgia Lipkin, MD21; Julia Bassell, MD21; Sarena Hayer, MD21; Eloho Akpovi, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Elizabeth Lowenhaupt, MD; Timothy Owens, MA

BE REAL is open to all medical students who are interested in providing sexual and general health education to incarcerated youth at the Rhode Island Training School (RITS). Students will teach ten 60-minute lessons to a group of 4-8 students at the RITS. Prior to each teaching session, students are required to attend a 30-minute lesson prep meeting. The course will also include lectures and discussions to better understand the Rhode Island youth correction system, how healthcare works for RITS residents, and the health disparities faced by incarcerated youth. No teaching experience required. Students must attend 9 out of 10 teaching sessions, at least 80% of lesson prep meetings and lectures (combined), and give a brief oral presentation at the end of the semester outlining your experience or a relevant topic of interest for course credit.