BIOL 6686: BE REAL About Health

Student Leaders: 
Georgia Lipkin, MD21; Julia Bassell, MD21; Sarena Hayer, MD21; Eloho Akpovi, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Elizabeth Lowenhaupt, MD; Claire Williams, MD; Timothy Owens, MA

This preclinical elective is open to all medical students who are interested in providing sexual and general health education to incarcerated youth at the Rhode Island Training School (RITS). The purpose of the program is to increase the level of knowledge among RITS residents in various health topics, including sexual education, mental health literacy, nutrition and exercise, as well as promote healthy decision-making and relationships. As a part of this course, students will work in pairs to teach 9 sessions, each session 45-minutes in length, to a group of 4-8 residents. Each session will take place on either Monday or Tuesday evening, and prior to these sessions, students are required to attend a 30-minute preparation meeting with the course leaders. No teaching experience is required.