BIOL 6687: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Patient-Centered Care

Student Leaders: 
Meghna Nandi, MD20; Srav Puranam,  MD20; Harry VanDusen, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Margaret R. Paccione, PhD

This course will teach students about the profound impact trauma can have on both mental and physical health. By examining a wide breadth of topics, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, adverse childhood experiences, war and combat, community violence, medical trauma, and natural disasters, students will explore how the effects of trauma manifest across different populations at all stages of life. Further, this course will provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice concrete skills from a trauma-informed toolkit. With this robust framework, students will be able to create a clinical environment that is not only supportive to patients who have experienced trauma, but fosters resiliency in all patients regardless of their personal histories.