BIOL 6693: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocacy Elective

Student Leaders: 
Hannah Kerman, MD21; Rose Montplaisir, MD21
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Erica Hardy

In a collaboration between Alpert Medical School and Day One, Rhode Island’s sexual assault and trauma agency, students will complete a 30-hour training to become certified as advocates for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Through a combination of lectures and online modules, students will learn about forensic medical exams, how sexual violence in handled in the criminal justice system, basics of human trafficking, and resources specific to military sexual assault. Students will also learn about the specific needs of underserved communities and vulnerable populations including children, the elderly, those with developmentally disability, and LGBTQ individuals. Students will also learn effective communication and advocacy skills. After the training, students will serve as victim advocates with Day One where they will meet victims when they present to the hospital. On these calls, students will act as advocates by providing resources, explaining the legal and medical process, and supporting individuals through medical exams. Students are expected to commit to volunteering for at least one year.