Clerkship in Family Medicine

The Family Medicine Clerkship is a 6-week rotation based out of the department of family medicine at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket. Students spend the majority of their 6 weeks working at one of our ~75 affiliated community family medicine practices in Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts or Eastern Connecticut. The practices vary in their patient populations, size, and styles of practice, and we make every effort to match students to their preceptor sites based on student interest. Each student is expected to immerse him/herself in the life of the practice in order to get what is generally felt to be a rich experience in ambulatory medical education.

In addition to the clinical experience, students spend every Wednesday taking part in a series of didactics that includes traditional lectures, skills workshops, and case-based small group discussions. In the second half of the rotation, each student completes a project in the "Social and Community Context of Medicine." In this project, which bridges the gap between the didactic and clinical experiences, students explore the community in which their preceptor site is located, identify a health issue relevant to that community, and propose a community-based intervention to address the issue. These projects are presented orally in the clerkship group during the final week of the rotation.

Mission Statement

The clerkship aims to teach students to provide comprehensive, evidence-based, cost-effective primary care in the context of the patient's family and social unit.


  • Improve clinical skills, with a focus on common ambulatory problems
  • Learn and practice the best evidence regarding primary care, particularly surrounding disease prevention and health promotion.
  • Understand and appreciate the specialty of family medicine


Essentials of Family Medicine; Sloane, P.D. 5th ed., 2008

Required Project

Social and Community Context of Care project: As above, this is an oral presentation given in the final week of the rotation. Each student presents a proposal that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the community surrounding the student's preceptor site.


Department of Family Medicine at the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. 111 Brewster St. Pawtucket, RI.
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Key Personnel

Clerkship Director
David Anthony, MD, MSc

Assistant Clerkship Director
Kimberly Zeller, MD

Clerkship Coordinator
Jane Shaw, MS