Advanced Clinical Mentorship

Fourth year students can complete an optional advanced clinical mentorship (ACM) in their last year of medical school. The ACM must be exactly 12 sessions in duration and must consist of one-half day per week at a single outpatient site.

One week of credit will be given for 12 weeks of the ACM experience (based on one-half day per week) and this credit will be counted towards the required 80 clinical weeks. Additional sessions may not be taken due to other students who are waiting for a faculty sponsor. 

The ACM has the unique characteristic of running concurrently with other electives. Proper planning and good communication with the course leaders of the concurrent electives, as well as with your ACM faculty sponsor is essential. Note: if a student is also engaged in completing an elective course, course requirements in the elective take precedence over the ACM. The ACM cannot be scheduled during the 4 weeks of a Subinternship.

Advanced Clinical Mentorships

  • ACM-3552 Dermatology
  • ACM-3562 Internal Medicine
  • ACM-3564 Neurosurgery
  • ACM-3656 Neurology
  • ACM-3566 Orthopedic Surgery
  • ACM-3567 Anesthesiology
  • ACM-3568 Ophthamology
  • ACM-3569 Surgery
  • ACM-3573 ENT
  • ACM-3576 Pediatrics
  • ACM-3577 OB/Gyn
  • ACM-3578 Psychiatry 
  •  ACM-3581 Emergency Medicine
  • ACM-3585 Family Medicine
  • ACM-3585 Radiation Oncology
  • ACM-3588 Plastic Surgery
  • ACM-3590 Radiology
  • ACM-3592 Pathology 

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