Policies and Procedures Attestation

Alpert Medical School School-wide Policies and Procedures

The Alpert Medical School of Brown University requires that students, faculty, and staff review integral features of our academic and learning environments each year. The Liason Committee on Medical Education (LCME) requires this in their Standards, as indicated below. Components that require verification include curricular elements (e.g., course objectives, assessment methods), policies (e.g, antidiscrimination policy, student duty hour policy), and other documentation (e.g., student handbook). Please take some time to review the information below and certify that you have done so. You will be required to do this once per year via Oasis. 

I have reviewed the following:

  • Principles of the Learning Environment and Anti-Discrimination Policy (Standard 3.4) -  click here
  • Professionalism Policies (Standard 3.5) - click here
  • Student Mistreatment Policies and Reporting Procedures (Standard 3.6) - click here
  • Competencies and Medical Education Program Objectives (i.e., the Nine Abilities and sub-Abilities) for Alpert Medical School (Standard 6.1) - click here
  • Medical Student Handbook found here where you can find information on the Technical Standards (Standard 10.5), Policies on Student Access to Educational Records (Standard 11.6), and Policies on Student Access to Health Care Services (Standard 12.4)
  • Policies Regarding the Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment (Standard 12.5) - click here
  • AMS Faculty Handbook (Standard 4) - click here
  • Clinical Supervision of Medical Students (Standard 9.3) - click here
  • Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy - Academic Appointees in the Medical School who are not employed by Brown University report potential, perceived, or actual conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment, that are not managed elsewhere (i.e. by a faculty member's employer).  If this applies to you, please use this form to report the conflict.  

Pre-Clerkship Faculty

Clinical Faculty (including Clerkships, Sub-internships, and Clinical Electives)