Community Mentors

Physicians at practice sites in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts are eligible for community mentorship. The commitment amounts to 14 half-days per academic year, or 56 hours total.

Your Role as a Physician-Mentor

Working closely with Doctoring administrative and course leader team to coordinate educational content, the physician-mentor:

  • Provides the setting and opportunity for a medical student to see and work with real patients, longitudinally, during the first two years of medical school;
  • Reinforces the connection between the classroom and the real world of clinical medicine;
  • Helps first- and second-year medical students focus on the acquisition of clinical skills and the development of a positive professional identity
  • Helps students develop learning goals that are clearly aligned with the activities to be performed and the outcomes to be achieved;
  • Meets with students to discuss whether goals are met, provides feedback on their progress and growth, and establishes new goals that will increase clinical competency;
  • Assesses students based on their attendance, professionalism, motivation, interpersonal skills, effort, and commitment to the Doctoring courses at the end of each semester.

Clinical Appointments

Physicians who spend at least 100 hours teaching per year are eligible to apply for a Brown University faculty appointment through individual clinical departments. Being a community mentor for two students fulfills Brown’s annual teaching requirement.

Please see the BioMed Faculty Administration website for more details on the clinical appointment promotion process

Professional Development

For information on professional development opportunities for faculty, please visit the Educational Faculty Development pages.

For more information or to sign up for the mentor program, contact:
Julia Noguchi, MA, MPH
Assistant Director, Doctoring Program
(401) 863-9717