Bray Fellowship Programs

In 2012, the medical humanities activities at Alpert Medical School took formal shape as the Program in Clinical Arts and Humanities with support from Dr. George Bray. To honor his generosity, we established two fellowships in his name:  the Bray Fellowship in Medical Humanities and the Bray Visiting Scholar/Creative Artists Fellowship.

  • The Bray Fellowship in Medical Humanities was developed for Alpert Medical School students. This one-year grant supports projects that take original angles to understanding healthcare challenges and experiences of illness. Students are expected to produce a scholarly or creative product, and give a public presentation of their work.
  • The Bray Visiting Scholar/Creative Artists Fellowship (VSCAs) support scholars and creative artists with a record of significant accomplishment, or who demonstrate great promise in their field. During their six-month fellowship, VSCAs develop, implement and teach a course or seminar series at the medical school, and give a public talk that brings interdisciplinary perspectives to the experience of healthcare.