Public Health Grand Rounds Webinars

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Reproductive Life Planning: A New Toolkit for Providers
Release: 6-4-2015 | Expiration: 6-4-2017 
Healthy Weight Initiatives in Rhode Island
Release: 4-2-2015 | Expiration: 4-2-2017 
Reducing Youth Suicide in Rhode Island
Release: 3-5-2015 | Expiration: 3-5-2017 
Pertussis: Clinical Review and Outbreak Management
Release: 2-5-2015 | Expiration: 2-5-2017 
Emergency Medical Countermeasures Dispensing in Rhode Island:
What You Need to Know 
Release: 1-8-2015 | Expiration: 1-8-2017
Tools You Can Use to Prevent Diversion of Controlled Substances in Your Practice
Release: 12-4-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017
Medication-Assisted Treatment: Thinking Beyond "Abstinence"
Release: 11-6-2014 | Expiration: 11-6-2016  
Recovery and Treatment Options
Release: 10-30-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017  
Understanding Addiction
Release: 10-23-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017
SBIRT: the Advantages, the Unresolved, the Unknowns
Release: 10-9-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017  
Smoking Cessation: Best Practices for the LGBT Community
Release: 10-2-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017
The Science of Addiction
Release: 9-4-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017 
Breastfeeding in Rhode Island: Victories, Challenges, and Opportunities
Release: 8-7-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017 
Occupational Health: A Primer for Primary Healthcare Providers
Release: 6-5-2014 | Expiration: 6-5-2017
Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and Borrelia Miyamotoi
Release: 5-1-2014 | Expiration: 5-1-2017
This activity is designated for 1.0 in Infection Control. 
Release: 4-3-2014 | Expiration: 4-3-2017
This activity is designated for 1.0 in Infection Control. 
The Face of Hepatitis B in the Pregnant Patient in Rhode Island
Release: 3-6-2014 | Expiration: 3-6-2017
Provider Strategies to Increase HPV Vaccination
Release: 2-6-2014 | Expiration: 2-6-2017
Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment: What You Need To Know About MOLST
Release: 1-2-2014 | Expiration: 1-2-2017
This activity is designated for 1.0 in End of Life/Palliative Care.
Understanding Pain Management: Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia and Interdisciplinary Care
Release: 11-7- 2013 | Expiration: 11-7-2016
This activity is designated for 1.0 in Opioid Pain Management/Chronic Pain Management.