About the PC-PM Program

The term population medicine is used to "describe and promote efforts by leading clinical organizations to use their professional and financial base to actively participate and partner in improving total population health through a multi-factorial approach to address broad health outcomes and disparity reductions."  (David A. Kindig, MD, PhD)

Changes in health care policy have increased the need for leaders in community-based care to effectively coordinate efforts to improve the health of Americans.  The best care will come from doctors who are trained to understand and improve the community health context of their patients.

Over four years, PC-PM students will be work closely with and care for a broad diversity of patients and diseases and work with community leaders to address health care disparities.  

Students will be effectively mentored by physicians and other faculty who are experts in the field of population medicine.  The program prepares medical students for leadership roles in health care on the local, state or national level. 

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