Year 3

PC-PM students spend Year 3 in the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC).  All core clerkships are integrated over a 31-week span.

Students spend one half-day with physician mentors in family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics and surgery over the course of 31 weeks.  One half-day each week is dedicated to work with psychiatry or neurology mentors.  In addition, students will complete inpatient time in internal medicine (3 weeks), surgery (3 weeks), pediatrics (2 weeks), obstetrics & gynecology (2 weeks), neurology (1 week), psychiatry (1 week) and consultation service - psychiatry consult in a neurology ward or neurology consult in a psychiatry ward (1 week).

Students will develop a patient panel of approximately 3-5 patients per mentor site.  They will follow their patients to various health care settings such as the operating room, delivery room, diagnostic imaging, specialist visits as well as their primary care office visits.

Students will also participate in the following:

  • Weekly didactic sessions covering core clerkship topics
  • Weekly small group sessions covering core population medicine topics
  • Project work focused on the Social and Community Context of Medicine and Quality Improvement.