Accelerating Change in Medical Education

"With the nation's health care system evolving in new and complex ways, the American Medical Association (AMA) is dedicated to helping shape a better, healthier future for the entire nation.  To this end, the AMA has embarked on a new strategic vision.  One area of focus is:  Accelerating Change in Medical Education--to align physician training and education with the evolving health care system. "  American Medical Association.  

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As a recipient of a $1 million Accelerating Change in Medical Education (ACE) grant from the American Medical Association, the Warren Alpert Medical School (AMS) of Brown University has developed the Primary Care--Population Medicine program.  

This dual-degree (MD-ScM) program will integrate primary care and population medicine throughout a four-year course of study.  The aim is to accelerate change through educating a new cohort of clinicians and leaders while creating a unique paradigm for medical education for all students at AMS. 

By bringing together traditional medical content, population medicine, interprofessional education (IPE), a patient-centered approach to clinical training, and a continuum of competency-based assessment, we hope to facilitate substantive and widespread change in the local and national healthcare systems.  

The program will prepare medical students for leadership roles in health care on the local, state or national level in areas ranging from primary care clinical service to research, education, and health policy. 

Click on the video below to view excerpts from the October, 2013 Accelerating Change in Medical Education Conference: