Pediatric Clerkship

The Pediatric Clerkship is a 6-week clerkship experience, in which students, under the supervision of attending and resident physicians, care for children in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  In the inpatient setting, students will work on the teaching service caring for acute illnesses of childhood requiring hospitalization.  Students will take histories, perform physical exams and counsel patients (and their families).  In the outpatient setting, students will again take histories, perform physical examinations and counsel patients while providing acute, chronic and preventive care.  In addition, students will participate in didactic sessions throughout the clerkship. 

Assessment Methods Grade Composition
Written Clinical Evaluations 60%
OSCE 20%
Shelf Exam 20%
1. Develop effective communication skills (oral and written) with peers on their medical team, parents, attendings as well as oral presentations skills in a variety of settings such as work rounds, patient consultations, family meetings, etc.
2. Obtain a pediatric history from the parent and when appropriate from the child. In addition, the student will learn how to perform a complete physical examination on patients from infancy through adolescence.
3. Develop a clinical assessment and plan, demonstrating critical thinking skills and integration of previous basic science and clinical knowledge into management of pediatric problems.
4. Obtain an overview of pediatric medicine.
5. Describe the varieties of careers available in pediatrics.