BIOL 6652: Wilderness Medicine

Student Leaders: 
Alice Cao, MD19; Emily Fu, MD19; Joseph Park, MD19
Faculty Adviser: 
Dr. Elizabeth Sutton

The Wilderness Medicine preclinical elective is eight evening sessions covering various topics in wilderness medicine. Topics include: an overview of wilderness medicine with basic wilderness first aid, marine injuries and illnesses, extremity injuries, hypothermia, altitude sickness, infectious diseases, low resource medicine, current wilderness medicine research and marine and land rescue. Typical meetings will begin with a didactic lecture/discussion, including a skills training session and finish with an opportunity to practice new skills. The final project will be a weekend camping trip in which we will practice specific skills that we learn during the year. Students who are unable to attend this camping trip will have an option of writing a 3-5 page paper on a topic in wilderness medicine of their choice, to satisfy the final project requirement.